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The Great & Royal Queen Elizabeth II, Laid To Rest Today, A Lesson For You Boys, Love Mom

Updated: Sep 20, 2022

The Great & Royal Queen Elizabeth The Second, Laid to Rest Today

So in the month of September, quite a few exciting things happened.

Today, however, most of the world will mourn the loss of the Queen of The United Kingdom,

Queen Elizabeth The Second just as they celebrate her life.

Well, I cannot say that school taught us much about the Royal Family,

(I learned most of what I know about anything Royal, (other Than Jesus of course), via Net-Flix, Thanks!)

What I did learn about the Queen today is that on this earth, she was the longest-living monarch of Great Britain. Queen Elizabeth the Second was 96 years old when she passed away on September 12, 2022, and she was born on April 21, 1926, in Mayfair, London.

Queen Elizabeth was born to parents who held the title of Duke and Duchess of York., a historic county in Northern England.

After Elizabeths Grandfather King George V (The Fifth) passed away, Her father's older brother (Elizabeth's Uncle) was to become King. This did not last long because he fell in love with a woman who had been prior divorced and abdicated his throne to his younger brother, who is Elizabeth's father, who would become King George VI(The Sixth). Elizabeth's father was crowned King later in the same year that his brother was crowned and denounced..

After Elizabeth's father had become king. At age 11, Elizabeth gained the title of Princess, as well as her younger sister, Margaret, Princess Margaret.

Just a couple of years later, Princess Elizabeth met her future husband a former Prince of other lands, Prince Philip, during a college tour at Britannia Royal Navel College, where Prince Philip was a cadet of the college at that time. Princess Elizabeth was just 13 years old. Philip being all of 18. Elizabeth and Philip exchanged letters over the course of years during the WW2.

During World War Two, Elizabeth's father, King George VI (The sixth), ordered the girls to Windsor Castle Just outside of London due to the dangers of war. They were not the only children sent to live far away due to the war. Elizabeth knew there were suffering children out there and she knew her impact of kind words could help.

On October 13, 1940, at age 14, Princess Elizabeth gave her first radio broadcast during The Children's Hour and directed it to the children of the Commonwealth who were misplaced during the war. Just as she too had been separated from her loved ones.

When Princess Elizabeth was 19 in 1945, she enlisted full-time in The Armed Forces, The Auxillary Territorial Service or The ATS would deploy non-combat positions such as clerks, dispatch riders, and drivers that way the men could be freed for combat.. Princess Elizabeth was also the first female of The Royal Family to enlist in The Armed Forces full time.

Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip announced their engagement in July 1947 and married on November 20th of 1947. Where they were married for approximately four years before

King George VI passed away on February 6th 1952 and Elizabeth was to take her place as Queen.

They remained married 73 years they would stay hand in hand and they reigned together as Queen and Prince Consort for approximately 69 years of that time committed to each other together until the Prince Passed on in 2021. Last Year. The Queen was soon to follow on September 12, 2022.

During their marriage, Queen Elizabeth and Prince Consort Philip begat Prince Charles III (The Third), The New King, Princess Ann, Princess Royal, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and Prince Edward Earl of Wessex.

Her eldest Son, Prince Charles has now taken the Reign as King.

Today September 19th, 2022 Queen Elizabeth The Second just now began her very last journey on this earth. Where she will be laid to rest in her last dwelling place again as she rides from The funeral home for three and a half miles to her favorite getaway home of Windsor Castle in Berkshire, England.

A Marching band plays a harmonious hymn of Beethoven’s Funeral March No.1,2, and 3, Mendelssohn’s Funeral March, and Chopin’s Funeral March.

The Queens Procession is led by all black horses

As the Queen receives her last hail, she is surrounded by rows of members of The Royal Navy. and Led by The Queen's beloved horses and the riders on them are Sup Keven Fahey, Stg Major Scott Williamson, Cpl Justine Rogawski, and Constable Katy Loise!

Behind the Late Queen who continues her final ride from London to Windsor on a 123-year-old gun carriage, is her family and as many as thousands of members of The Military, who also line the streets as she takes her last stroll to St. Georges Chapel in Windsor.

As they transfer to the next step of her long journey, into the Royal Hearse from the gun carriage, she rides with an escort and the new King Charles Her eldest son and his wife trail behind the trailblazer Late Queen Elizabeth The Second in her beautiful and bold coffin, that is no doubt, fit for a Queen.

I have heard the long journeys streets are lined with 1.7 million+ people who celebrate and show their love and support. Most of which celebrate by throwing flowers to The Queen as she passes by in The Royal hearse.

As The Queen reaches Windsor Castle, it began to rain with thunder and lightning here in Buffalo, New York.

Now The Late Queen has been laid to rest a moment ago in St Georges Chapel, where she will her long rest in the Royal Vault with her late husband Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Perhaps he, Prince Philip, sat in her garden and waited for her. As she proclaimed, that is the place she found her peace in.

Now I would like to think that they dance every evening in that garden waiting to welcome the rest of their loved ones for generations to come. 0 :D

May all blessings be with her, Queen Elizabeth II, as the Angels sing beautiful hymns of the peace she has found.

~Long Live The Queen~

*Rest In Peace*


I hope you boys learned something from this article today, that will inspire you to do some research on your own. History is a great indicator of the future. It would be wise to learn and study your history, Love Mom!...


You are My Sunshine My Only Sunshine, You make me Happy When Skies Are Grey... You'll Never Know Dears... How Much I Love You... and So Just Know ..~

That No One ~ Can Ever..~

Take ~ My Sunshine~ Away <3

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