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Merry Christmas Aiden & Austin!!!

Merry Christmas To My Lion Cubs!!!

I Love and Miss You SO Very Much!

Right Now you should be getting ready to sleep so you can wake up to see what's under the tree! I Hope you were able to make some cookies and don't forget to make one for me! The Angel Is My Favorite cookie cutter!!! I Love You Both So Very Much.

Your sister loves you too very much so!!! We All Love You Both!!!

Love Mommy! <3

This Year I Decided to stay home in protest of your absence. I am not quite sure if it was the correct choice but I feel like I cannot watch any more happy families go on happy without your presence. So I am staying home and away from family, for the holidays like you are! I LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH!!!

I do know you are happy where you are at least for the day. So I hope you enjoy the day and let that little heartache in the back of your out the back door tomorrow. I will hold it down for tomorrow. I Love You Aiden and Austin!!! Love Mommy

P.S. I hope you got everything you asked for !!! and Do Not Forget The Holiday (which should be carried out daily~ But What EVs.) It is for the birth of Jesus so Don't forget to send up a Happy Birthday!!! Gift him with Gratitude. That means to be thankful and to show and say that you're ThankFul. Ok GN ILY!!!

P.S.S Don't forget to ask for forgiveness so you can eat with a clean plate! ILY GN!!!

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