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I Haven't Figured How to Do This Quite Yet... December 22,2023

I'd Like to start blogging and Vlogging about my story to squash the misinterpretation and unfold chapters in depth for better understanding, but, not just after an event but as the events unfold in real-time.

This Christmas I have come to a realization. I am Not the only one that is not seen. Most everybody goes unseen except seen by your business circle. This is a realization I had yet to have the opportunity to see, seeing as my work history was during a naive era. until I was able to throw away my ssi (No Auto Correct, I Do Not Want To Capitalize On ssi ) for a chance to work hard, be seen, and make money, I had no idea that people were so isolated by the masses.

There is not a wave unreturned that I do not ponder...Why? Why can you not wave back and say hey, or Hi.? Is it because you are superior to me that you cannot extend kindness? Or is it that you have not a thought outside of your own anxiety to extend a friendly gesture? I would pin it on the latter.

I do not believe in the term "inverted people" I believe the correct statement for people with characteristics as a form of severe distraction on a better day, but on a regular basis, I would call this organizedd depression. There is no reason a stranger cannot lift a head and give a smile at the very least. We have fallen so far away from kindness that it is almost inhumane. and yet, amongst all the things in nature, or in "The Wild" as I like to call it, that we do not approach or that we accept this as normal" ...Really... Normal? Why is depression and oppression normal now anyway?

NO, I do not believe that everyone should be willing to lift a head at every stranger, in fact, Jesus says Turn the other way and go completely away from a terrible thing, however, when someone is kind to you or kind in your life and your response is to utterly deny existence to someone whom just helped your life out in the slightest, I believe a kind gesture, even the old fashioned tip of a hat is 100 and 10 percent due for respect.

People have lost respect for one another. The amount of negative energy that is tipped for kind acts is off the charts nowadays, and when people cry and complain about their lives They simply expect and practically Try to demand respect in return.... Well, my friend, your aura around you will only take in tenfold of what you have put out. It is magnetic. My Hope for you is that you find a balance in peace to deliver yourself a better tomorrow.

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