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So What happened… C-PTSD, Family Court, Corona Virus & Gaslighting in Buffalo New York

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

So What happened… C-PTSD, Family Court, Corona Virus & Gaslighting in Buffalo New York

~ Coming Soon ~ Article in Process

#TODAY Phone Numbers below #RailRoaded

This is an article I am writing about what happened with my boys. I am nowhere near finished, but does it sound well written? I am on the hunt for my boys that have vanished into the system during Covid. I cannot find them and no one has answers as to why my court order is being violated Via The Equity Court System. I need help to locate my boys...we are coming up on 2 years now of no contact AT ALL>. #NullandVoid #IHaveRights

Hello, my name is Felicia Taylor. I am the Mother of Aaliyah, Aiden, and Austin Taylor.

During Covid, I was manipulated into signing a contract with the Equity Court also known as Family Court.

I suffer from Complex PTSD and was manipulated by the court attendees and affiliates where they used the fear that fulfills the disability I have. (Or as I prefer the #DiFAbility #DontDisMyDifferentAbility)

Where it started,

I was given a bad combination of medicine for anxiety and ADHD of #Adderall and #Klonopin and#Effexor which led me to a state of vulnerability. The Standing Landlord took advantage of the vulnerability and started to bully the children and me. They would perform surprise visits and phone calls via lawn care providers' cell-phones who were employed by the standing landlord. Her Plumber would go through our garbage cans on the side of the house.

Even more of a conflict I ended up losing my section 8 via the standing landlord/Family Court Lawyer. (THE STANDING LANDLORD IS ALSO AN EQUITY/FAMILY COURT LAWYER TO BE CLEAR~Her name is Mary Chan.)

I had to get my children to my mothers because I was about to be homeless which IS A RESULT OF BULLYING VIA THE STANDING LANDLORD/FAMILY COURT LAWYER AND HER STAFF and the anxiety of this would propel me into a state of confusion and disbelief.

I knew I could not care for my children at that exact moment due to the thought that I was going to die was overriding everything in my life.

I had to keep them safe until I figured out what was going on in my head. I DID NOT REALIZE THEN that it was a result of consuming high

doses of uppers and downers simultaneously.

During school, where my boys had attended, there were issues with the paperwork, and signatures and meetings were required. When They could not locate me, they removed the children from my mother's home; Their Maternal Grandmother's Home.

The panic from the bullying with the combination of medicine led me lost and confused in the city until I ended up going to the ER at ECMC

(where they took me 100% off my regular meds and replaced them with #Haldol~ because I thought I was going to die. #PTSD #CPTSD)

The state was able to locate me easily there.(That interaction and experience is an entirely different article that I will be hosting at ).

While in the hospital I began the recovery and regain process to clear my head and regain my children whilst jumping through TONS of different programs that were to 'benefit me’ whilst taking “another dangerous medicine, Haldol”. While the taxpayers pay for services we don’t need.

During my first meeting with Buffalo Urban League, where I met Rochelle. I was given my first court date by the Buffalo Urban League. I was IN THE HOSPITAL RECOVERING do you know how traumatic that is to someone who is thinking that at any moment they are going to die..(ironically that’s life, THAT IS REALITY, I just had to come to terms with it)...So who was crazy? I just had to learn to live in the moment.

I did just that, which is how I am able to write what happened and accept what happened, to learn from it and grow from it and …Now Resolve it, my friends… IN MY TIME. Because I am Different. My disability is DIFFERENT than yours. Their Rules are Not for Everyone. And things need to change. I am going to change things and make things Right.

Buffalo Urban League… Where the Fuck do I start.

Parenting classes drug tests buses and rain and colds and anxiety hell over and over and over and over and over…. (certificates For NOTHING).Just your tax dollars…Thanks.

Court…. This is where I dissociate. I'll have to come back to the anxiety that riddles my bones to this point…

***How they concluded. When I had finished everything I couldn't find a house big enough in time and

the family court lawyer/standing landlord had my section 8 removed so even after trying to regain it there were"No Housing Programs Available To Me"

they cornered me into signing them over conditionally or I would never see them again. After my first lawyer said this I fired her...after the second said the same thing I felt I had No Choice. And now those conditions are not being upheld.

Please Help us and make the call💔

Everything happens for a reason… I am not sure a stronger person is what they sought… but they have created a monster.

Now, prepare yourselves for this fire-breathing Leo…

I speak the truth and you’re just a pebble, not even a mountain. I won’t even have to move you..I’ll just LEGALLY (in comparison) step on you.

~Erica Garcia DIRECTOR of GA Family Services Who Operates Here


"pathways Of WNY~Visitation"

716-708-6161 X 61

Family/Equity Court Staff

~Kelly Buckley

Chief Clerk

Phone: 716-845-7444

Fax: 716-845-7546

~Lisa A. Virgilio

Deputy Chief Clerk

Phone: 716-845-7445

Fax: 716-845-7546

FBWorld please remember to call and flood the voicemail of the courts today. (Numbers at the bottom)

Now, we know they aren't going to answer anyone.

They need to know there are people behind these boys so they do not get lost in the system as they are well on their way to being lost in the system as the courts have breached the #conditional surrender and I have not had Any contact with my boys in about 2 years. That Was Not The Terms I agreed to. They continued to blame covid and #NOW there Is #Silence from the courts.

They probably keep telling the boys it's my fault or that I have disappeared. AND THIS IS NOT THE CASE AT ALL AND THEY MUST LEARN THAT I AM STILL HERE FIGHTING FOR THEM!!!!

Please #MakeTheCall 💔

Say These Things


Aiden's B-Day is 10/28/11

Austin's B-Day is 5/27/13


Felicia Taylor BDay 7/25/87

Cell 716-370-9573



Remember They Most Likely Will NOT Return Your Calls


Psalm 31:23-24 KJV

23 O love the Lord, all ye his saints: for the Lord preserveth the faithful, and plentifully rewardeth the proud doer.

24 Be of good courage, and he shall strengthen your heart, all ye that hope in the Lord.

Isaiah 2:3 KJV

3 And many people shall go and say, Come ye, and let us go up to the mountain of the Lord, to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths: for out of Zion shall go forth the law, and the word of the Lord from Jerusalem.

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