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Meet The New Babies Of Our Family!!!

First Up ~~~ Meet Remila Ashley Federico Your New Baby Cousin!

Remila Ashley Federico, is, Savanahs, Aunt Chelsea's, Kaleb's, and Uncle DJays new baby! Oh Yeah AND OUR NEW FAMILY BABY TOO!

Mema is a Mema again! And Papa is a Papa again!

She was born on March 21, 2022. She weighed 9 and a half pounds! (OMG Aunt Chelsea!)

Remila was 22 and a half inches long when she was born! (again OMG Aunt Chelsea)!

Instantly, Remi (her nickname) would compare In height to uncle DJay, because she has a very long butt crack! (LOL) (Doesn't that crack you up! XD )

Remila could control the direction of her head right away and she never even fit into newborn clothes or diapers!! She was ready for the next level at birth, ~And Then~ she achieved her Very First Smile on March 28th, 2022! I cannot wait to see what she Achieves next in life! #TeamRemi

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