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Bent, Never Broken: Aiden & Austin

Updated: Sep 19, 2022

Bent, Never Broken: Aiden & Austin

Aiden & Austin, My Boys, The Reason For Justice, The Driving Force of this Site.

Dear Aiden and Austin, First, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

I miss you so much that my heart longs for the day I can hold you in my arms again, my Sons.

I Know God has you in the palm of His hand. So NEVER EVER WORRY!

I am not sure where to start and I know you may not be reading these letters for a long time, possibly years. So I will just go ahead and tell you just how much I miss you both and remind you of a few important things that I wish I could tell you in person!

I know it must be hard to not be allowed to see me, as much as it is hard for me not to be able to see you!

I know I told you what the courts gave us and I Know I said "the court cannot keep us away this time for a long time again, because I signed an agreement with them", but the court & Pathways of WNY did not follow through on their end. I PROMISE I AM WORKING ON IT! They Will Follow Their Own Rules. Justice Will Be Served... We just have to be patient.


I simply just need you to know that I Am working in the background and


I had to find a way to channel all of this anger and launch it towards a healthy production and find a way to stop this from happening to other targeted innocent families.

Luckily, we now can make our very own media these days. So with all my might, I will try to reach you and teach you through journaling. One day you will be able to find me on the internet with ease.

No one can stop you from using your rights…


Our Lord God Will help us! Just keep your head up with

a smile and Love in your hearts! Keep moving one foot in front of the other, it will lead you to a very good place!

Even though they have separated you both, You Will Find A Way Back To Each Other

and me

and the rest of the family whose heart is So bent they cannot even recognize the depth of pain in their reality!

Please Do Not Be Afraid to ask for help understanding.

Do Not stop asking until what you feel, feels Right!

Never proceed with "what feels wrong".

Do Not confuse feeling scared with feeling wrong.

Learn to understand the difference.

Follow Your Heart.

Do Not be afraid to do what is good, even if you are scared.

Pray to God through Jesus and ask for the Comforter, The Holy Spirit. God's Holy Spirit will guide you through apprehension when you find you’re lost without direction.

Trust Me.

Remember The Father God Almighty Is The Whole Entirety of Existence,

Remember The Holy Spirit is what giveth and taketh away.

The Spirit Is God's Channel, a traveling portal.

The One We Need To Seek Out In All Times because that is where our home will be if we seek it.

The Good Place. The Place where Only Good feelings can go.

Remember The Only Born Son Of God, Jesus The Christ,

Is The link... the physical link between humans and God The Father.

Through calling out and recognizing The name "Jesus" we become linked to the Father by The Holy Spirit. So long as we remember to call out on the Lord Jesus and Pray to The Father you will be saved from all hardship that may try to come at you.

You, Will, Be Saved!

Think of it like this boys...

Jesus is the plug to the sink,

The Spirit is the hot water, bad choices are the cold water,

and The Father is The Sink AND the handles.

You plug or unplug the sink, you & God can fill the sink by turning the handles. Your choices turn the handles.

You have the ability to pull your plug out and empty your sink, even if it is little by little.

Your Life is in the water.

How full is your sink?

How secure is your plug?

What Temperature is Your water?

Which handles are you turning?

How hard are you turning the handles?

How long do you let cold water flow before it attempts to overflow?

What temperature do you keep your water at?

What temperature do you wish your water to be?

Remember God does not want room temp water in his sink and He wants his sink full & either Hot or Cold but Never room temperature and never empty.

Your sink can never overflow and your sink can never empty if you keep the plug in place.

Because God regulates the big picture, your sink won't overflow, because if you try to expand larger than what God has given you, parts of the water will evaporate.

God will evaporate impurities from your water naturally with a steady flow of hot water going into your sink, however,

if you start adding cold water it will steam up and you will lose water faster and force God to turn up the hot water so he can get you back to the right hot temp.

The battle is directed by you. Don't fight God.

Your sink will not overflow. God will not allow us more than we can handle.

Your sink cannot empty if you keep your plug in place. Your life will thrive if you keep Jesus in your heart.

Your Life will be steady and you will be full & happy,

If you keep the water at the correct temperature.


That is the best example I can think of at the moment.

I hope while you're away from me that you make good choices. Your future depends on it.

I Love You.

Till I see you again,

See Ya Soon!

Love, Mommy

***A note to readers***

Due to our circumstances, I have to add details I would not normally share with them. They must have access to the Truth one day in the future, and that the Truth is received from the correct source.


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Brandon Allen
Brandon Allen
23 aug. 2022

I hope and pray you see your Sons sooner than later. When I meet them 6 years ago they were really cool dudes. Love Aaliyahs Father Brandon

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